Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry and THE WORST (Academy Award season)

Sorry for the delay everyone. It seems that I really am unemployed now (and my former company has nearly hit rock bottom due to the LCE effect). Despite what you think, I actually have less time to do things now like IM friends all day, surf the web aimlessly and write blogs. It's just not the same once you're not getting paid to do it. Now I'm able to do the "normal" things that I never had the time for such as: doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking food, exercising, reading paragraphs, talking to people on the phone, talking to people in person, etc. I'm still working on the next episode of IT Happens (Jericho tries out for AI) so look for that soon. To help fill in the cracks of my prolonged nap here's a fun topical...topic for yah:

Hey ya'll it's Academy Award season! I've seen some great movies like Revolutionary Road, Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt, The Wrestler, Gran Torino (the best one) and Frost/Nixon. I think I saw Milk and Benjamin Button but it's hard when you're asleep halfway through it. In the spirit of the AA and the Razzies I'd like to list my pick of the worst movies ever made:

The Majestic (Jim Carrey snoozer, how did the Shawshank guy make this movie?)
Lady in the Water (15 minutes I walked out)
The Happening (M Nightshamalamdingdong should end his career now)
The Night Listener (Robin Williams should know better, One hour photo worked)
Godzilla (even Ferris Bueller couldn't save this one)
Batman and Robin (The Governator and rollerskates, who knew that wouldn't work?)
Domino (was this an music video or a movie? Pretty sure it was neither)
A Thin Red Line (a thin red bore)
Dan in Real Life (Dane Cook needs to stick to stage comedy)
Polar Express (Weird n creepy, something Michael Jackson would have written)
I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry (Just watch the first 10 minutes, that'll be enough)

What's your worst movie picks?

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